The "first NeuroDiversity Party at MIT" was a lively success. 

Re-visit our Opening Night program and re-connect with the Mental Health & Wellness Futurists of the Tech Expo and Live Performers that inspired us all. 

Browse on below to re-live a night of Futurists, Live Musicians, and keep up to date on the [still!] ongoing Live Mural Painting. 

Welcome Address

By: Jessica Artiles


"Welcome to the first OpenMind::OpenArt Gallery! This turned out to be quite the Celebration of NeuroDiversity; help me give a round of applause to Featured Guests here tonight: our Futurists in the Tech Expo, our Live Musicians, and our DJ’s Romeo and Rafid! 

Let’s also give a round of applause to the Artists, to the Makers, to the staff that’s putting this together. 

TDC- thank you for being such a beautiful home to grow in. Morris and I are lucky to live with you. 

You know, we are so lucky to even have a space to come together and express ourselves and share our hopes and dreams for The Future. 

So, thank you, Maryannne for all the work that you and your team do foxr us. 

A big thanks to the CAC for donating their time and space to helping us put this event together. It was truly a transformation of what was once a Game Room, and I’m very thankful to their flexibility in working with us. 

Since we’re in the middle of Black History Month, I thought I’d pay homage to the greats, including the great work in Lobby 10- I encourage you all to get in there and really spend some time with it! Last year’s exhibit in Lobby 10 triggered a big part of this Gallery's format, so I thought I’d say a few inspired words, borrowing from Martin Luther King, Jr. : 

“…even though we face the difficulties of today and tomorrow, I, too, still have a dream.

A dream that one day, I will be judged not by the label on my medical record disclosure form, but by the abilities of my mind, my hand, and my heart. 

I have a dream that all my peers will be treated equally, in fact, they will be highly in demand because, as we learned way back when, the more diversity the better your organization performs. 

In this dream we all work on our physical fitness…AND on our mental fitness regularly. There’s even a Fall Olympics circuit for the games they’ve come up with. 

In my dream, everyone has a personal trainer that helps them combine their minds, their hands, and their hearts, for optimal performance. And, because their mental hygiene is so well maintained, they’re able to bring their whole selves to their work AND to their play.  

Yes, the discoveries that are made on the daily are astounding, and it makes sense. People are able to tap into their 5 year old selves that used to recklessly question everything, and they’re not afraid of asking why. 

For the rest of tonight, we encourage you to ask the tough questions, and to join us in dreaming of what this Future could look like. The GuestBook mural inside the Gallery invites you to leave your thoughts. Select Artists will be transcribing your ideas, your questions, and your quotes onto a mural that will stay in the room even  beyond the  Gallery Closing. 

And with that, let’s keep the party going. 

There’s a very influential Cuban Artist, Celia Cruz, that has a very famous salsa song that you’ll hear playing in the Gallery, and it says: 

“Ay, no hay que llorar, que la vida es un carnaval, y las penas se van cantando. “

Which means, hey- there’s no need to cry. Life is a carnaval, and the pain should be sung away. 

We’ve curated the playlist inside the Gallery for you and we have a great line-up for you tonight here at MIT's first NeuroDiversity Party! 

So! Artists, Makers- Let’s Celebrate!!!!"

The Welcome Address above was written and delivered by Jessica Artiles

>>A 2016 MindHandHeart Initiative  Innovation Fund Recipient

>> The OpenMind::OpenArt Project Founder

>> The 2017 OpenMind::OpenArt Gallery Creative Director

at the first-ever Celebration of NeuroDiversity at MIT, an Art Gallery Opening Night complete with a Mental Health & Wellness Tech Expo & Live Performances. 

This is what A Celebration of NeuroDiversity at MIT looks like. 
More photos coming soon. Photo cred: Josh Ramos. 

The Live Mural continues to be updated through to the Closing Party on March 2nd. Below is what the Gallery's Guests that first night had to say about The Future of Mental Health & Wellness.
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